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Winged Water



These photos are from an early spring run at Lacamas Lake, just over the border in Washington. Tranquil waters but for the ducks tear assing around – seems there was only one female and two males. I’d never seen a duck fight before, quite a show.


Catching Up the Night

I think that most folks who happen by here also amble on over to my other blog, Heaps of Nimbus. But just in case you’ve never been out that way, I wanted to post a few photos that have appeared over yonder.

The Soft Step

Still high from the visit to the near shore, I hope you’ll indulge me posting just a few more photos of sand and sea. There are so many ways to find home, being the lusciously composite and complex beings were are, aren’t there? Your strength of bone may call you to rock of desert or mountain, your roots may seek forest floor, your windy spirit may crave the wide open spaces. Mostly my salty blood yearns for ocean, to walk to the edge of sight and float out a ways in that surrender and embrace.






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