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The Green Giving Water Pt II

Despite advice to the contrary, I love going and chasing these things.







The Green Giving Water

Every drop that falls is a moment of green. Every drop will bear light, break rock, sink into ground and reach back into air.

This gorge is a great bastion of living water, always moving, even the stillness of mountains an illusion. All of it honoring life in green.










Rock ‘n Roll Ain’t Light Pollution

In Portland you’re in a band or five, and/or you’re dating someone who is, and/or you’re ordering drinks from someone who is, and on any given night you’re at most 27 feet from a band or five practicing, performing, and/or drinking.

Here are a couple photos I snapped of my good friends performing at the Firkin Tavern, who have at least 33 bands between them, but on this night were representing Frontloaders and The Betwixties (not pictured: Dramady, because I was too shy to ask if I could shoot them too). I wish I had a sonic adapter for my lens so I could reveal the aural magnitude of their music, but hopefully your eyes can soak in the rock.


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