Light moves through

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Winter Blooms

Bare branches give a greater view of sky, of the vastness surrounding our small moments of light. Here there are small orbs hanging over the expanse, reminding us of the tenacity of flesh, an offering on supplicant limbs that hold out their gifts when all else has gone down into ground. How delicious for eyes to find the few petals, to admire the precious fruit catching the light at the end of the day.








People the Light

What an extraordinary joy it is to take people’s pictures. I spent many long years in the wilds eschewing photos of folks, cropping them out of the shot when they were there at all, spending days adrift in clouds and mountains and waves as I chewed on twigs. I still love that work, but as friends and strangers have been taking the risk of stepping in front of my camera, I’ve been learning about so much: the mechanics of posing, flattering bends and beneficial angles; how to use the lighting from sun or stand; and the connection, giving space to allow people to emerge, coaxing them along, and jumping in to create alongside. ┬áIn this set are a few of the couples and families I’ve shot with. I’m grateful to all who have allowed me to stumble along working with them, and I look forward to working with more.

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Metal Outrun on Water

This hike to the waterfall was framed by metal: leaking tank at the trailhead, rusted pipe slashing down the hill, handrail to provide sense of safety at the sheer edge of wonder. I loved the rust of the great pipe, some kind of mighty endeavor, a harsh mineral intrusion that was now being assimilated by animal and vegetable. I look forward to the handrail meeting the same fate, collapsing out of vision so we can scrabble up the rock with a clear sense of height and yawning space and feel a little more sharply that compelling call to motion that thunders in great falls.