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Their Own Vast World

We were all hiking out to Elowah Falls, great cascade of postcardliness, and there was this: cracks of rock with moss and succulents and more, and it was Everything. The varying mineral composition of the rock and layering lava flows meant different strengths, met with water running and freezing exquisite fractures. Varying winds brought birds and seeds that found ground and grew toward changing angles of light, fed by atmosphere and their own yearnings. All of it still and shifting, an entire cosmos of creation colluding to exude small moments of color and air that are their own vast worlds.





Rail Yard

I love trains, and I love how large their presence looms here. Sometime I’ll do a proper essay, for now a quick leap from standing on rails to a high overlook of the yard.










Autumn Bridge

There are still some Canada Geese lingering by the river, but most have passed overhead in vast formation. There is still some gold in the trees, but most has fallen into great heaps of rust. The sun is still on its way south, the light clear and thin, and the cold sting has erased any lingering feel of heat. It’s winter and we ready for it like crows, still on wing but huddled close and calling against the coming cloud.