Light moves through


I’m doing the same post on both blogs today. I’m raising $ for a New York City charity that could really use help right now.

Heaps of Nimbus

**Edit: I feel like most of this post is what I was thinking about this event pre-Sandy. With our developing understanding of just how devastating this storm was, and continues to be, I feel like the tone and focus doesn’t quite work. After a day of contemplating not going at all, feeling abashed about the race’s demand on vital City resources, and reading a number of articles and reports from NY, I’ve decided to go still. I’ll help Citymeals deliver food on Saturday, I feel good about having helped raise lots of money for them, and I’ll hope that the marathon can be a symbol of New York’s resiliency and resolve. Please consider giving to Citymeals, not for me or a run, but for the folks in special need right now.


I love running. When I was a chubby little kid I didn’t love running, but in first grade…

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On the River Trail, Link

I’m doing a series over at my other blog on a day’s river kayak trip. You may want to cruise over and check out the photos. When the story’s done I’ll post the photo highlights back here.

Here’s the first photo to give you a taste of what’s in store!


Patterns of Sky

Ocean mirrors the sky, it is a way to find flight whether we have wings or not. We watch, we walk out, we ride a swell and find ourselves brushing cloud.